Hotel Menu

The following menu is only available for guests of the Hotel Villa Nabila

Fish Menu


  • Spaghetti pasta with cuttlefish sauce or Potatoes Dumplings, shellfish bisque and bottarga
  • Fried baby squid with bittersweet sauce or Tuna tartare, red peppers and olives
Side dishes:
  • green salad or mixed salad
  • Our “in oil” vegetables
  • roasted potatoes
  • grilled vegetables mix

Meat Menu

  • Braised Beef stuffed Ravioli with gravy or Fusilli salad, rucola, eggplant, olives and leeks cream
  • Beef Carpaccio, Parma Ham, Parmesan Cheese, in oil baby mushroom or Ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes sauce and eggplant caviar


Side dishes:


  • roasted potatoes
  • green salad or mix salad
  • grilled veg mix
  • our “in oil” vegetables